monoDrive Documentation

Welcome to monoDrive's documentation.

This home page contains an index with a brief description of the different sections in the documentation.

The documentation reflects the newest version of the monoDrive Simulation and Scenario Editor v1.11 with Unreal Engine 4.24. We are excited to share our new features including a Scenario Tool Widget to easily save scenario files to run in Closed Loop mode, updates to the monoDrive Road Network, enhanced streaming, a new mode-Closed Loop Fixed Time Step, and a new sensor- the monoDrive occupancy grid sensor.

monoDrive's Platform is available now: Download monoDrive v.1.11

About monoDrive

Introduction -- Making autonomous vehicles drive safe
Getting Started -- Get monoDrive's Platform


Simulator -- Test AV algorithms in one of several pre-made monoDrive Simulator levels.
Scenario Editor -- Create and control various different aspects of AI vehicle behavior.
Real to Virtual -- Collecting real-world data from cameras, LiDAR, and GNSS systems to create high-fidelity assets and maps usable in the Unreal Engine and the monoDrive Scenario Editor.

Simulator API

The monoDrive simulator is configured from a client. Everything about the simulator can be configured, from the material properties, to these properties.


Build monoDrive

LabVIEW Client
Python Client
C++ Client